8 Reasons Why You Should Attend Graphika Manila

Graphika Manila is a event where the creative minds of Filipinos huddle up all together in one area to have their creative juices flow and squirt at each other. But seriously, it’s a great place to share and learn a lot more about your field! This year, they will be holding their 6th conference. As a creative individual, why is going an advantage?

  1. 1) Exercise
    Finally! You’re out in the sun (though it might rain). But chances are, you’ll find yourself away from your geeky artist battle station in a dark corner of your room and walking again! Use your legs!
  2. 2) Inspiration
    Speakers in this event are well known and considered authorities in their fields (would GM settle for less?). They are bound to share their stories to help you realize that they all started just like you and that you’re just a step away from attaining a status like theirs or even more!)
  3. 3) Motivation
    From being inspired, you need motivation to haul your ass off that lazy boy and make a move. You’re probably already on your first step. Compose yourself and make it from Point A to Point Success.
  4. 4) Culture
    We can’t deny the artistic culture that holds the Philippines. Have your eyes opened a bit more that you are not alone and you should be proud of what you do. This is the society built with you as a part of it.
  5. 5) Trends
    Alongside culture are trends. Know what’s hot and what’s not and try to adapt in this continuously evolving and adjusting taste of society.
  6. 6) Technology
    What are you missing? Sometimes it takes events like this to know that you’re a bit behind, or maybe there’s an easier way to do what you do, and that there’s a bit of catching up to do to make yourself up-to-date.
  7. 7) Knowledge
    You actually learn something. Chances are, you’ll learn a couple of tips and tricks from individuals who have done methods to earn such conclusion. I came from this ‘graphic event’ before and all they had were tarpauline printers for sale :(
  8. 8) Networking
    Aside from the chance of meeting highly valued speakers in the field of design, you’ll meet other people in the scene in this area! This is a great chance to share, know more, connect, and soon enough, collaborate and establish. It’s time to connect in reality and not just via social networking media :) Plus c’mon. It’s about time you talk to somebody who can relate to your problems regarding that client who wants the logo to look like a poster, yeah?

Awesome right? That’s at least 8 reasons why it’s an advantage going to GM. There’s probably more you could think of – like meeting the designer of the Manny Pacquiao logo (Mike Friolo)! It’s a chance for you to make the rest of the year more fulfilling. Who knows? Maybe next year, you’ll even be a speaker!

For more info regarding Graphika Manila, visit their official website at www.GraphikaManila.com

Why KEN.ph? Why not a .COM?

Hello, My Name is K.E.N.

Upon building this portfolio came wonderful remarks from people who were amazed that I owned KEN.ph. Along side compliments came questions.

So how did I manage owning this? You can do the same by simply buying a domain from the official DotPH registrar. It’ll cost you $70, which is far more expensive than the .com but is already good for 2 years. You can opt to find other means to register it at a cheaper price and save a couple hundred pesos but that’s really the margin .PH domains run at the moment. When converted, that’s around P1,500 a year. Utilize that with hosting and proper web development and you’ll have one portfolio piece like this.

Some people ask why I aimed for the .PH instead of the global .COM. Well, first off, the KEN is my name, which taken in all gTLDs – the .com being utilized for a girl-related brand so it’ll be nearly impossible for me to acquire something so expensive considering the value such premium quality domains are.

Second, I aim to brand myself easily via a very short and easy-to-remember domain name such as KEN.ph, which typically describes who I am and where I am from.

Upon realizing the availability of ‘KEN’, I didn’t think twice. I’m stuck with a name that is so common if you search anywhere you’ll end up in millions of results. I want identity and owning the .PH, which nobody else can own, will definitely put me on a spotlight somehow. It’s a good branding strategy to get something generic and easy to remember but unique – characteristics that this domain possesses… Plus really, there are no other decent domain names on the .com for me.

SEO-wise, it’s still a tough task to accomplish being the #1 result when people from localized search engines search my name, but it won’t be too far now considering the first few steps have been taken.

Over dotcom choices KenDesigner (long and prone to typo for KenDesign) and KenDesignPH (kinda more confusing), I thought I needed to stand out well enough.

Remember, just because you’re on a .PH doesn’t mean people from other walks of life won’t find and be able to view you, so it’s still a global market for me. Besides, a lot of ccTLDs have done great in the global field. It’s just that I am picking a leverage of pulling myself from the crowd locally as a first step. Then from there I’d pursue excelling further.

Hopefully, and I believe time will come, I’ll look back at this post and thank myself for making the right decision. It’ll help too if you can share my portfolio so go on ahead and like, share, tweet, +1, or whatever it is that can help me achieve this goal ;)

UPDATE: As of July 28, 2011, I decided to purchase KEN.COM.PH as well. That’s to catch some traffic bleed and just so no other Ken can own it ;D

Unify & Progress

Here’s an illustration pointed onto our political state here in the Philippines.

I honestly have grown sick seeing the yellow ribbon mainly because it now symbolizes a stubborn thought rather than the wonderful remnants of EDSA 1986.

I perfectly understand the color themes during the elections, but since it has been done with more than a year ago, shouldn’t it be that the one leading the nation attend and represent each and every color of this diverse society that is ours, instead of just blatantly wearing a single color because it appealed well enough 25 YEARS AGO?

Where is the unifying characteristic that a leader must possess in order for overall matter to progress?

If I change the colors of the sun and the three stars, the essence of what it stands for does not change, yes?

A Lion, I am

A Lion, I am

A concept shirt I did just now out of boredom. I was actually inspired by Fraser Davidson who specializes in sports branding.

Not that my work is near his, but the lion brand for the London Monarchs just made me remember about my alma matter, San Beda College – home of the Lions. So yeah, an illustration in response to that spark.

Blank Error After Updating WordPress

I had this trouble wherein after I updated WordPress to its latest version (in this case, WordPress 3.1.4 to WordPress 3.2), I am left with a blank page. Everything from front end to back end displays in blank.

As far as my research goes, this is caused by plugins which weren’t up to date and clashed with the upgrade WP received.

To fix this up, you simply need to deactivate your plugins from PHPMyAdmin.

To do this, access PHPMyAdmin – if you use cPanel, simply access cPanel and click PHPMyAdmin under Databases.

Next, click on your database and find wp_options. Find active_plugins and edit it.

You’ll see a code that goes something like:


It can go as long as it takes depending on how many active plugins you had. Anyway, the aim is to simply delete it all and just leave it at


From here, you should be able to access your Dashboard and activate plugins again from there.

WP E-Commerce Cross Sales Thumbnail Error

Cross Sales is a feature under WP E-Commerce wherein a current user viewing a product’s page will see what other people bought with regard to the current product being displayed. You can find this under Store Settings > Marketing.

It’s that People who bought this item also bought…” type of feature.

Upon activating it though, I received an error which simply does not display the thumbnails properly. All I get is the “NO IMAGE” default thumbnail under that category.

To fix this, open up the file “display.functions.php” found in


Now do the ff

1. Locate function : wpsc_also_bought( $product_id )
2. Replace line 89 with

if ( wpsc_the_product_thumbnail( null, null, $also_bought_data['ID'] ) ) {

3. Replace line 91 with

$image_path = wpsc_the_product_thumbnail( $image_display_width, $image_display_height, $also_bought_data['ID'] );

Products are now supposed to display their corresponding thumbnails properly. This works well with the latest WP E-Commerce Version 3.8.5. It’s now up to you to code up that CSS to have them display just the way you like em.

If you use a lower version such as 3.8.4, you do the same steps only with a minor difference.

1. Locate function : wpsc_also_bought( $product_id )
2. Replace line 88 with

if ( wpsc_the_product_thumbnail( null, null, $also_bought_data['ID'] ) ) {

3. Replace line 90 with

$image_path = wpsc_the_product_thumbnail( $image_display_width, $image_display_height, $also_bought_data['ID'] );

4. Replace line 92 with

$output .= '<img src="' . $image_path . '" id="product_image_' . $also_bought_data['ID'] . '" style="margin-top: ' . $margin_top . 'px" />';