Monthly Archives: July 2011

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend Graphika Manila

Graphika Manila is a event where the creative minds of Filipinos huddle up all together in one area to have their creative juices flow and squirt at each other. But seriously, it’s a great place to share and learn a … Continue reading

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

This is a very very funny comic strip done by that states how easily a design can go straight to hell. I can’t describe how accurate this can be for most of the cases we encounter. [nggallery id=4]  

Why Why not a .COM?

Upon building this portfolio came wonderful remarks from people who were amazed that I owned Along side compliments came questions. So how did I manage owning this? You can do the same by simply buying a domain from the … Continue reading

Unify & Progress

Here’s an illustration pointed onto our political state here in the Philippines. I honestly have grown sick seeing the yellow ribbon mainly because it now symbolizes a stubborn thought rather than the wonderful remnants of EDSA 1986. I perfectly understand … Continue reading

BattleAxe Network

If you know Philippine radio, you probably know Mo Twister. Aside from ruling the FM waves, he’s the pioneer of Podcasting here in the republic via Good Times with Mo : THE PODCAST. Fortunately for me, I was the one … Continue reading

A Lion, I am

A concept shirt I did just now out of boredom. I was actually inspired by Fraser Davidson who specializes in sports branding. Not that my work is near his, but the lion brand for the London Monarchs just made me … Continue reading

Coming up with a Logo for “KEN”

I am known as Kenneth or Ken though I’m more used to the latter. I’ve always liked my name but I’ve never actually thought of making a good logo for it. Then along came this domain and blog and thought … Continue reading

Blank Error After Updating WordPress

I had this trouble wherein after I updated WordPress to its latest version (in this case, WordPress 3.1.4 to WordPress 3.2), I am left with a blank page. Everything from front end to back end displays in blank. As far … Continue reading

WP E-Commerce Cross Sales Thumbnail Error

Cross Sales is a feature under WP E-Commerce wherein a current user viewing a product’s page will see what other people bought with regard to the current product being displayed. You can find this under Store Settings > Marketing. It’s … Continue reading