I Like Shirts

Whenever I drive, I always remember this concept thinking I’ve never actually seen one and thought it’d be very funny and for anybody to wear it though it’d make him or her look a bit kinky. All of course are inspired by Facebook’s Like Button and the famous “I Love NY / I <3 NY” shirt design by Milton Glaser. With this first image, I was actually considering the alternative “Recommend” button. HA!

Nevertheless, I thought the like icon could actually do well for any type of application such as…

What do you think? Kinda spoof material but decent enough to be considered wearable, yeah?

Creative Resume and Packaging

It’s kind of unusual for me to find myself being asked for a CV/resume. That’s mainly because no matter how many companies you’ve worked with, how many programs you’ve used, how many seminars and certificates you received, if you suck, you suck. What better way to show that you’re pro at what you do than by simply showing them, right?

Artists and designers are being judged mainly by their byproduct. I’ve listened to a podcast via FSW before wherein one of the hosts suggested to forget about that damn resume and just print a couple of works attached with your card… and it works to land that job.

It’s the unconventional way now that pretty much makes sense because we are creatives and it’s our output that matters yeah? Nevertheless, I’ve come to think that coming up with a CV actually puts me into a perspective where I analyze myself of what I can do at present time – what I am good at.

The following image is a creative resume and portfolio I did back in college. The concept is like that of a box of cereal with nutritional values except that’s it lists my skills and program efficiency as well as contain collateral :)

It goes with a packaging. A box that gets inserted in a sleeve. Inside it will be my resume, calling cards, a CD containing an interactive portfolio, and a few printed works of mine.

Creative Resume / CV / Portfolio / Packaging

Kind of funny how I really worked this out back then to look as cool and enticing as a creative who wants to land the job. It does the job yeah? It makes the impression. Then again, the only place this baby went to was the panel that judged it and put it on the top 10 portfolios.

Oh and if it means anything, I actually look like the character especially the eyebrows, I guess LOL. And hey, when I went in front of the panel, I was wearing the same costume. Blue polo top with black slacks which kind of made them laugh and favor my sense of branding.

Either way, this resume’s outdated and it’s about time to reassess myself. I’m on my way to make myself a new creative resume.

Do you have something kooky of a cv like this?

How Art and Culture Can Change Our World

I am a big fan of TED. I watch a lot of its talks online and it’s only recently that I realized that a TEDxManila will be held – TEDxDiliman to be exact!

The TEDx are events being held on a local scale and on October 8, 2011, it will be held in UP Diliman with the theme: How Art and Culture Can Change Our World.

One artist recently put it to us that “Hope starts when people work on changing how we think. This is why art is important. Art is the expression of the ideas and aspirations of people, and they form the foundation of culture.”

Confirmed speakers for this event are:

Glecy Cruz Atienza
Nina Lim-Yuson
Rico Gutierrez
Auraeus Solito
Lourd de Veyra
Noel Cabangon
Fernando Sena
Patricia Evangelista
Roby Alampay
Bogie Ruiz

As we know it, the event is invite-only. Excited because yes, I fortunately was given an invite :)

Definitely excited. This theme is very much suited for the likes of me, as well as you reading this blog.

For more info, you can visit the following pages:

Official on TED.com – TEDxDiliman
Official TEDxDiliman
Facebook Page
Twitter #TEDxDiliman

Are you coming? I’ll see you there!