Monthly Archives: September 2011

New BattleAxe

Currently working on a new BattleAxe Network web design considering how the current one is made to fit only 1 or 2 podcasts and if you’ve been visiting, it already has five (5)! Talk about progress of the pioneer podcasting … Continue reading

I Like Shirts

Whenever I drive, I always remember this concept thinking I’ve never actually seen one and thought it’d be very funny and for anybody to wear it though it’d make him or her look a bit kinky. All of course are … Continue reading

Creative Resume and Packaging

It’s kind of unusual for me to find myself being asked for a CV/resume. That’s mainly because no matter how many companies you’ve worked with, how many programs you’ve used, how many seminars and certificates you received, if you suck, … Continue reading

Design Process: Tropical Banter

How do you design a rockstar logo? Recently got work order to design for the two rockstars in the industry – Basti Artadi of Wolfgang and Tirso Ripoll of Razorback. Both belong to different bands, but smashed heads to host … Continue reading

How Art and Culture Can Change Our World

I am a big fan of TED. I watch a lot of its talks online and it’s only recently that I realized that a TEDxManila will be held – TEDxDiliman to be exact! The TEDx are events being held on … Continue reading

B is for Braaiiiinnnnssssss

A little thought of Brains. This was done out of the Plants vs Zombies hype and the thought of ‘need more brains’ kind of stuck somehow. If you notice, it’s pretty much in a shape of a B.