Finalist for Identity and Self-Promotion

The Philippine Graphic Design Awards Panel has announced the list of finalists and I am one of those who fall under the Branding and Self Promotion category.

I take this practically speaking like I won already. It is an honor considering this is my field and recognition was made. But if you’re looking for trophies, there will be the C, M, Y, and K trophies to be given out on the awards night itself. Adobo Magazine will also be giving out a trophy to the people’s choice determined via Facebook voting.

Definitely a great honor considering how prestigious this body is in the field of Philippine Design, even if just on its 2nd year. And to think that this feat is taken over in just a couple of months upon the creation of

The awarding will be held on November 5, 2011. Til then, thanks for the support!

Ateneo Shirts on Actual Print

I showed you a couple of designs I’ve done for Ateneo. Here’s a photo of some of the shirts I received with the designs on them c/o the Blue Crew.

Ateneo Shirt Designs by c/o the Blue Crew Life

So happy to know that there were tons of pre-orders mainly for the Championship shirt. Rooms filled! I personally saw the bunch which were out for delivery and got word that the bookstore in Ateneo’s out of stock. Man that just made me happy :D

All of these are silk screened and the gold used is glittery and foil-like. Can you identify which design is which? The designs featured are: 4Peat Championship shirt in white, blue, and black; Bacs to the Bonfire Gold Edition; and Justin Did It in white and blue.

photo c/o the Blue Crew

The Blue Crew took a couple of photos during the bonfire in the Ateneo campus. You can view more here

Ateneo Shirt Designs

Ateneo, one of the known and prestigious schools of the Metro and of the country, finally made its way in UAAP history listing itself as the 4th team to win a 4Peat title!

Guess what, I designed some shirts for The Blue Crew – the company officially responsible for supplying Ateneo’s bookstores including the latest Championship shirt :)

Ateneo's 4Peat Championship Shirt design for the UAAP
This was the original concept of the design for the 4-Peat Champ shirt
Ateneo's 4Peat Championship Shirt design for the UAAP
Revision by BCL to accommodate the word "Champions"
Ateneo Shirt Design for UAAP Player Justin Chua
featuring Justin Chua #18
Shirt Design for Ateneo Player Luis Gonzaga #7
featuring Luis Gonzaga #7

As seen above, two (2) designs were made featuring two (2) of Ateneo’s known players Justin Chua and Luis Gonzaga. Both have normal versions and gold versions, which are limited edition versions in honor of the 4-Peat Championships. Here’s a photo of the shirts being worn by the players themselves, photo courtesy of the Blue Crew Life:

Justin Chua wearing shirt design by KEN.phLuis Gonzaga wearing a shirt designed by

Most of these shirts have been utilized by BCL to accommodate different shirt base colors mainly black, Ateneo’s royal blue, and white.

You can visit the Blue Crew Life (and maybe order a couple of shirts) via their Website or their Official Facebook page.

Shirt designs are done by for EXCLUSIVE USE of the Blue Crew Life. All rights reserved.