Manila Shirt Test Print

I’ve been studying and practicing silk screening lately and what better way to start than printing one of my latest designs – specifically the North/South of Manila concept.

It is quite difficult considering how I don’t really have the likes of dryers and exposure units as well as curers to measure time properly with the sensitivity of emulsion so it’s a trial and error phase. Nevertheless, I managed to come up with a ‘fair enough’ print.

I’d have to note though that the screen wasn’t perfectly made mainly because I had to get rid of details which were too small mainly the dots and repetitive lines around the circle. Nevertheless, the print turned out pretty nice :) The shirt is of good quality and the ink is black rubberized. I might print a couple more and see if any of my friends want it.

Update: Test Print 2

3 Responses to Manila Shirt Test Print

  1. I would buy one of these if you’re selling it

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  3. @donjuan
    hey thanks for the interest man. maybe if i perfect the process a bit more :)

    thanks for the shares everyone. really appreciate spreading the love <3

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