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New BattleAxe

Currently working on a new BattleAxe Network web design considering how the current one is made to fit only 1 or 2 podcasts and if you’ve been visiting, it already has five (5)! Talk about progress of the pioneer podcasting … Continue reading

Design Process: Tropical Banter

How do you design a rockstar logo? Recently got work order to design for the two rockstars in the industry – Basti Artadi of Wolfgang and Tirso Ripoll of Razorback. Both belong to different bands, but smashed heads to host … Continue reading

BattleAxe Network

If you know Philippine radio, you probably know Mo Twister. Aside from ruling the FM waves, he’s the pioneer of Podcasting here in the republic via Good Times with Mo : THE PODCAST. Fortunately for me, I was the one … Continue reading