The 18th Graphic Expo 2013

18th Graphic Expo 2013 @ the SMX

This coming June 20-22, Fiera de Manila, Inc will again hold the 18th Graphic Expo 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Manila.

The event is described as “The most-awaited event for creative imaging professionals, photo-video, outdoor advertising, web publishing and printing businessmen

Seminars will be held for the duration of the expo, which is a great opportunity for people to mingle and sharpen skills in certain fields from photography to basic motion graphics. Continue reading

Asia Pacific College Logo Redesign

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”  – something a lot of students and alumni of APC are now exclaiming as the school’s Twitter account manages to post the new APC logo.

First off, let’s look at how Asia Pacific College’s logo was when we left it via TMS

Now let’s look at how it is, or at least how people are proposing it to become.

I don’t get it. Mainly going with a redesign but they opt to simply cope with the old logo’s sans serif font, highlight the letter “P” for some reason, still use a breaker like the old logo which creates a bad negative space due to the P’s tail, then fill the information gap, by putting the meaning APC under the breaker, in the serif typeface used in the school’s crest.

As of time of posting, all the twitter comments above were deleted. Not a single positive one within hours of post. And from there I thought they took a great hint. But I guess it’s tough cracking their shell to get the message through. Couple of hours later they tweeted (probably based on reactions and comments)

This one’s referred to as “Formal”… LOL

… I guess people back there are confused and clearly undecisive of the direction they want towards this redesign. Somehow, for a school that’s building itself as THE School of Multimedia Arts (SoMA), they probably are under utilizing the designers at home base.

Even former AB Multimedia Arts Director, Gerard Cadlum, can’t help but feel ‘sad’ about this attempt for a redesign – Post1, Post2 (FB posts)

With all due respect, there are a sh*tload of great designers and artists this school can boast about. But really, going in this kind of direction and producing mediocre output is rather sad.

One suspicion most of us are having is that it’s probably because it’s under SM. Like BDO and NU, Henry Sy, or whoever is in charge of this, probably wants APC to have the same color treatment or feel. That’s fine – it’s their business. But at least find designers, they don’t even have to be from the school, who actually specialize on this.

Still, it boils down to the purpose of the mark redesign. Does it actually serve the brand’s purpose or what? Until we actually know if this is actually functioning well for APC, it’s simply just plain old bad design aesthetically. It feels rushed and forced.

If you’re from this school. There’s a great deal why you should care and complain. Plain and simple – the school can reflect you. Bad design = bad designer.

Now what can we do? At least let them know how we all generally feel. Tweet them. Or use one I prepared so you won’t have to type:

Dear @apcrams. New logo proposals are fugly. We love change/improvement but that won’t do. Design and Decide Better. via @iKenDesign [Tweet]

Take a Break and Refill that Creativity Gauge

Once in a while, you’re bound to hit that creativity block – that brick wall which hinders you from doing anything else productive in this line of work.

Take a break.

I took mine just a couple weeks ago in the world-renowned shores of Boracay.

One of the perks of being a graphic designer is being able to work anywhere as long as you’re with a capable device and a decent internet connection.

Lucky for me, my accommodation was more than at par – thanks, Shore Time Hotel! I totally recommend those guys. Location, service, rates, comfort, connectivity, and their lovely orthopedic beds. Visit and book with them!

Now while it may seem irresistible to go online and do some work, take the time off. Do things you can’t possibly experience simply by staring at your beloved screens at home or in the office. Believe me, you just need some recharging.

As for Boracay, here are a couple things you can do:

Kite Boarding
Skim Boarding
Ride to the Highest Peak of the Island
Enjoy a 360 view of Boracay
Sunset Dinner by Obama Grill (10% off if you’re booked in STH)

Sometimes, you just have to go out there and see more to be inspired and come up with the proper ideas and fitting concepts.

Try Photography

And hey, if you’ve been itching to try some photography or video making, maybe this might be a good chance!

TEDx Poster for the Future

I’ve been asked to make poster for the upcoming TEDxDiliman conference which talks about the future and how it’s here for everybody to grab and mold. This year’s TED event goes: The Future. Here. Now. Seize It.

If you’re not aware what a TED event is, you’re missing out on a humongous source of ideas and inspiration. You can go to and find a topic that interests you and learn from the seasoned players in the field and what they aspire for the betterment of society.

The concept for the poster was simple – Be a USB Flash Drive. Be a flash drive that contains what may affect the world-to-be.

Let’s all be USB Flash Drives. What we contain varies from each and every individual. Some contain a means of law and order, some are made to design, some to establish our sense of communication, some simply a virus of some sort to destroy, and so on. The future of this planet relies heavily on each USB that resides in it. Every bit of the Tetris puzzle body is every bit of you and what you know. It’s totally up to you which ones you’re gonna upload onto the motherboard… or in this case, Mother Earth and its inhabitants.

This year’s TEDxDiliman will still be held at the Malcolm Theater in the University of the Philippines at September 15, 2012. For more info you can visit their Facebook Page

Graphika Manila 2012

Last year, I attended my first ever Graphika Manila Conference despite it already been going through for many years prior. I loved 2011’s conference, with Dan Matutina and Mike Friolo topping as my favorite speakers.

This year, it was once again time to listen to creatives making heads turn as I find myself back in SMX to listen to GM 2012.

Joshua Smith of Hydro74
Sudeep Gohil of Droga5

Hydro74’s worth mentioning with Joshua Smith on board. Them hands are just monsters as timelapse videos are showcased on how he sketches.

JP Cuison is also a great mind to behold. Really cool guy who seemed really down to earth of what he did. Personally liked his style, which was very distinct from most I’ve seen.

JP Cuison busy giving out autographs

The talk also included Create PH, Psyop, Droga5, and Gmunk. Of all the speakers though, I totally admired and faved Jerome Austria. Really fun dude to listen to. It’s funny because his intro kind of made him comparable to Mike Friolo, who was my fave a year back. Both of them made awesome names internationally, and both of Filipino descent.

A couple of minutes into his talk, he mentioned something he was well-credit for – “The Bark Side” – a Superbowl TVC which brought in millions of views. From there I’m like “I fucking know what that is!

GM open forum question towards Jerome Austria

I was reading Business Insider’s Top 20 Most Creative People of 2012 weeks back and browsed through names with respective works. One of which was the renowned for “the Bark Side,” and I thought to myself – “Is this the same guy!?!

You have to chase the projects that make you scared, that make you wonder if it will get you fired – Jerome Austria, Graphika Manila 2012 (tweet this)

Confirming it by asking him myself after the conference, it was indeed him. Awesome. I made sure to shake his hands hard enough to rub off that creativity on him and onto me. And just to add up to this awesomeness, he was also included in Business Insider’s latest article – These Are The 50 Sexiest Advertising Executives Alive

Accompanied by friends during the conference
Seeing a familiar face – it’s Dan Matutina!

As always, Graphika Manila inspires a lot of designers and their ambitions to flourish and follow or maybe even surass these guys. So be sure to watch out for it next year!

Bonus: My Bacolod Illustration was featured in the Graphika Manila 2012 Book

Graphika Manila Book Feature


Design Para sa Lahat TV Show Kicks off PH Design Week 2012

Finally! A great design-centered show for all of us creative nerds.

The Design Para sa Lahat movement has moved on and progressed into an informative show to fill us up with a lot of designer ingenuity throughout the country.

The show will be hosted by a good friend, and known designer, Brian Tenorio (@briantenorio), which will be kicking off the Philippine Design Week this 2012 – October 13 on national television! It’ll premiere on GMA News TV at 11:00am, with a primetime slot every Sunday nights for GMA Pinoy TV Intl

“Learn how to launch your own shoe collection, your own designer bag line, fashion accessories, coffee concoctions, even parols for Christmas, all while Tenorio shows us designer techniques as he tours us through his designer blackbook of manufacturers, suppliers, and creatives!”Go Negosyo Facebook

Lyceum’s Legal Studies Organization

My friend, Justine, is studying at the Lyceum of the Philippines, taking up Legal Studies, which apparently holds an organization under the same name. While it already has an existing logo, he’s pushing for an improved logo which can attract more interest, and still retain the values.

The Old Legal Studies Logo

And upon further contact, what they wanted was a logo which can ideally hold the following elements:

– the iconic Lyceum Tower
– an opened Law Book
– Lady Justice & the Scale
– Bayleaf
– “Vox Populi Vox Dei

Now tough as it may seem, as a designer, my objective was put in all their thoughts and wants without sacrificing aesthetics. One would think a poster is an outcome of this kind of demand. Nevertheless, a logo as such is what I came up with.

Explanation is as such:

A. Tower of Lyceum
B. The center fold of the law book
C. Bayleaf
D. A negative scale
E. Pages and a sign of heirarchy
F. 1952 / MCMLII – Lyceum’s origin
G. Bold and Strong Name
H. Vox Populi Vox Dei
I. Pointed tip of the sword (the scale’s base being the handle)
J. Bayleaf base

So yeah, I managed to put 10 elements in it without looking too over-complicated and cluttered. While I did not include Lady Justice herself, I included her scale and sword in it. I found it a bit better without her in it.

Overall, the logo appears pretty solid. It carries a serious feel, it being a Legal Studies Organization, and at the same time, looks pretty cool and inviting.

Anyway, here’s a colored rendering of it, as suggested.

Hope that inspires you guys!