Can’t Start Xampp Apache

It’s a little problem I encountered while trying to run XAMPP. Clicking the checkboxes should be a breeze, but clicking the “Start” button of Apache does nothing, while MySQL seems to be doing just fine.

Question, are you running Skype? Chances are, it’s the one causing the problem.

Simply go to Skype Options > Advanced > Connection … and uncheck ‘use port 80…’. Apply, and you should be good.

Love Army Wants You!

… or it’s probably the other way around? :P

Anyway, I’ve been designing a lot for shirts lately and have a couple more ideas in store. With this, I’ve decided to establish an apparel brand which should easily carry the designs I make.

I’ll still be posting up the designs, here, in Dribbble, in Facebook, or wherever else, but just keep in mind that they will all be released by Love Army from here on.

That includes the latest NSManila and CSPB Shirt Designs.

So yes, please do visit, as well as like the Official Facebook Page of it.

Thanks guys!

CSPB Shirt Design

I’ve been designing a lot of shirts for DLSU lately, and it’s kind of funny considering how I’m not even a Green Archer. So here, here’s a try on designing a shirt for good ol’ San Beda.

What does it mean? Bedans will know. (click to enlarge)

UPDATE: For release announcements and updates, please visit Love Army

The Future of T-Shirt Graphics

An interesting video about the future of T-shirts in our society.

1,000+ T-shirts on display
150+ T-shirt artists, designers and labels
40+ exclusive portrait photographs by Nicole Reed
15+ T-shirts of the future from high profile local and international artists and designers

Presented by T-world, NEXT was dedicated to the past, present and future of the T-shirt industry. From 4 November to 11 December 2011, the intriguing industrial spaces of Sydney’s Cockatoo Island came alive with the Outpost Project – a world-class showcase of street art. Within the cavernous steel confines of the Heavy Machine Shop was NEXT, a vibrant display of the planet’s most comprehensive collection of graphic T-shirts.

Whether you’re an advocate for design, graffiti, skate, street or urban, the T-shirt is the singular identifying uniform speaking the voice of youth culture.

Presented by T-world

Manila Test Print Pt2

I honestly am a newbie at silk screening which is why I’m admittedly at a trial and error phase. I did, however, manage to come at an attempt that is about 95% accurate of my original design as tested on a cardboard.

This time around, I tried seeking the assistance of a ‘veteran silk screener’ and see if my design can become accurately printed.

The results are as follows:

It must be noted that the designs were a bit altered by the silk screener mainly because it was made in 2 colors and there was some kind of miscommunication where he ended up re-doing (tracing) the whole design on corel draw. But hey, as recently commented by a lot of people, I tried it on black and I have to say it looks mighty nice on it! :)

Definitely should try perfecting the art myself. For now, a third test printing session is in order to perfect the design as originally laid out. Don’t you think so?

Graphic Design Logic

An informative Venn diagram made by Colin Harman. A good guide mainly for clients, which can help understand the factors which may affect the resulting design.

There are times when things just need to be explained using a spectacular Venn diagram. I made this last night whilst sitting on a screened in porch by an outdoor fireplace when it was late. Design is a funny thing, not as funny as a Kangaroo jumping on a trampoline, but let’s be honest what is as funny as that? I’ll give you a little hint: nothing.

Anyways, I love design, but it has it’s limitations in the creation process. Hopefully this helps you understand what those are and help you choose how you would like your design work in the future.

Your thoughts?

Average Graphic Designer Salary

As a designer residing in Manila, I am very much aware of the fact that the value for design locally won’t be as appreciated as it is abroad.

To be a lot more visual about it, check this short chart

Luckily, I’ve positioned myself well enough to be above average based on that chart. Nevertheless, I am pretty much concerned for the industry overall.

It’s all about putting out quality work for quality clients and establishing the most value you can put in yourself. I’ll try to help out and maybe cite a couple of things designers can do (not only locally) to help improve their stance as a designer who actually does the job done and ideally make a better living doing what you love doing.

That Swiss rate is mighty tempting! :)

Dribbble is Awesome

I haven’t really thought of sharing this considering how great the site is and thought many guys would already know it. But as far as I know, as of this moment, I am the only guy in my network who’s aware of it!

Meet Dribbble. Yup! Triple “D”s (LOL).

follow me on dribbble

In a nutshell, Dribbble is like Twitter for designers. With the same concept of showing people what’s up by tweeting, designers would then post 400×300 shots (dribbbles) of what they’re up to. The shots can then be liked and shared. Designers then exchange ideas and get opinions on their work.

But being the social network for designers isn’t “it”. It’s the high quality of work you see inside.

Dribbble is an invite-only network. It’s exclusive. Only “Players” or designers who’ve already joined the network can invite or “draft” you as a “Rookie“. Quite a new set of jargon there but you’ll easily cope up.

So why the hell isn’t everybody in here? As I’ve said, the high quality art and design work is maintained. With this, a player is privileged to receive an invite and draft somebody once in a blue moon.

Nobody really has an equation as to how invites are received. Do you receive it once a month? Definitely not. Once a year? I don’t know. But I do have the hunch that there’s an algorithm behind it that somehow, chances of receiving invites to giveaway are less, like say, if you spent your last couple of invites on people who never even made shots. Or maybe chances are higher if you’re active in utilizing your shots. Just a hunch and not in any way proven.

Now the sensible action here is that designers would then only pick a good designer to put in the network, than waste on somebody who’ll end up posting a photo of his furry ol cat taking a nap.

Did I mention you only get to make 24 shots a month? They don’t accumulate. So yeah, less chances of people making a design, creating 100 other versions of it and posting it all.

If you’re a designer, Dribbble is a great way to showcase work, get opinion, get inspiration, and even get design inquiries and leads. Opportunity-wise, the platform has lead many job offers. I’ve personally been receiving invites to join teams and work for companies, mainly with the help of the “Hire Me” button available there for interested parties to easily communicate with you.

As a client looking for a creative help, this is definitely a treasure chest. Browse through a lot of designers, their works, and you can know more how to contact them if you have projects ready to be rendered service of by the designer of choice.

Looking for invites? Then stay tuned. I might give a way one or two once in a while should I manage to receive some to giveaway :)

Follow me on Dribbble . You can also follow me on Twitter @iKenDesign. I normally retweet dribbble invite giveaways from co-dribbblers :)

Manila Shirt Test Print

I’ve been studying and practicing silk screening lately and what better way to start than printing one of my latest designs – specifically the North/South of Manila concept.

It is quite difficult considering how I don’t really have the likes of dryers and exposure units as well as curers to measure time properly with the sensitivity of emulsion so it’s a trial and error phase. Nevertheless, I managed to come up with a ‘fair enough’ print.

I’d have to note though that the screen wasn’t perfectly made mainly because I had to get rid of details which were too small mainly the dots and repetitive lines around the circle. Nevertheless, the print turned out pretty nice :) The shirt is of good quality and the ink is black rubberized. I might print a couple more and see if any of my friends want it.

Update: Test Print 2

Responsive and Fluid Design

Notice that this is the age where everybody’s capable of viewing anything online anywhere. That means that despite the idea that web development mainly caters to computers, ‘computers’ aren’t necessarily stuck in your home with the typical screen resolution that a fixed 960 grid would do well on.

Responsive design is a great practice that each designer should learn. I myself am not that well attuned to that although I’ve been self studying a lot to actually learn and master this feature.

Basically, it’s a matter of using and calling relative styles and settings, the usage of em’s rather than px’s, dependent on your visitor’s device.

Read Up: Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It

And notice how Smashing Magazine’s current layout is just a great example of how responsive design is pro.

As web, mobile, and general UI designers though, is it a necessity to actually own a couple more devices to have a general knowledge of how your display would work in different screens?