6 Benefits of a Website in 2020 – Do you still need one?

Short answer – Yes. If you’re in a mood to read more, here’s a list of points to convice you in making that step into establishing your presence on your own domain name, outside of the usual social media platforms.


Granted that anybody can make a website on a domain name, it’s always a step further to email from @ken.ph than @yahoo or @gmail. Maintaining your real estate online can add the impression of how serious you are in imprinting your mark on the business world, and can therefore enhance trust between you and your audience. Branding-wise, it just helps you present yourself, your product, and the business cohesively in your very own portal without any other branding than your own. In an age where everybody is going the social media route, you can stand apart and ahead with a website to represent yourself.


Everybody is establishing on social media pages because it’s easier and it’s free. But what happens if the platform decides to just cut off visibility and make everything paid for? Organic reach has declined to pave way for paid or “sponsored” visibility. The moment any of these platforms decide to tweak their algorithm once again against your favor, you’ll be at their mercy.

3. SEO

While Facebook and other platforms reign on being one of the top apps out there, search isn’t dead. Google is still our go to place to find something and that’s something Facebook isn’t quipped to address just yet. Optimizing to be searchable based on your target keywords is still a good way to gain new eyeballs into your business. Furthermore, as voice continues to gain traction, SEO might just be the edge you need.


The possibilities of tracking users who access your website grow more elaborate on your own property. You gain access to which part people are focusing on your website, which landing pages work, the bounce rate, and how long they stay on a certain type of content. You’ll be able to monitor your user’s behavior even further and cater to those. The options are endless.


If your website gains enough average visitors per month, you can use that kind of data to attract advertisers into your platform. Moreover, there are numerous ways to monetize your website, from displaying ads to earning commission on affiliate links, or simply making opt-in easy for your benefit and use in the future.


Every social media platform has its own style, algorithm, and audience. You can’t mix it all in one place, and chances are, you need to be visible on all of them for maximum potential. Having a central headquarters for your business can pull and link everything back together.

It goes without saying businesses can thrive on social media platforms alone. Technology has enabled people to pop their brands up in a matter of minutes at practically no cost. Nevertheless, a presence apart from such platforms can gain you further benefits. Understandably, maintaining a website dictates dedication. On the on set, there are annual fees, updating, scaling, and there’s a matter of security. It won’t be a walk in the park but it will definitely be a big boost in your branding, presence, and objectives.

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