A Turkish Airlines Bomber Jacket Concept

This was an apparel design concept I did under Love Army featuring the Turkish Airlines brand. We traveled to Istanbul a couple of years ago (Instagram Story Highlight), with our world-class flights provided by Turkish Airlines and thought I’d make a cool jacket design. You can also watch my Life Reel 2018 for a more fun travel video edit! Now this never made it, obviously, but thought it’s worth sharing.

I personally like what I’ve done with this bomber jacket, carrying the brand colors of TA, using their slogan, and even putting the world map on the inside of the jacket. Giving the apparel piece a great sense of wander when you look at it.

The “Widen Your World” speaks with the “Do What You Love” message of both brands, and would’ve been really nice!

This design isn’t for sale, nor is it official merch under the Turkish Airlines brand. This is simply a concept made from the ground up, for the benefit of seeing the actual design materialize in real life. What could’ve been! :)

See more photos of this apparel design in my portfolio: Turkish Airlines Bomber Jacket

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