Adidas NMD Hu Philippines

HUMAN RACE. One of Adidas’s best known line under the creative genius that is Pharrell Williams.

To celebrate the differences of humanity, the NMD Hu line has once in a while released designs pertaining to certain countries, carrying symbols native to that land. And so for 120 years of Freedom, here’s the idea I have in mind.

A concept NMD Hu we deserve as a people of our motherland – a segment of the human race wearing nothing but hard work, creativity, and smiles, wherever we may be.

I designed this back in June, and posted it in Instagram (@kenoshtan), in honor of Philippine Independence Day, inspired by the flag colors, with “1898” and “PRIDE” on the right and left respectively.

The three stars in the Love Army logo refers, and serves as homage, to what those stars mean in the flag. Be passionate, do what you love, and improve the HU Race. Don’t forget to visit the Love Army website to see what’s up!

Note that this is simply a concept NMD and isn’t, in any way, official. However, if you feel like this is a good idea, be sure to let Pharrell and Wex know!

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