Ateneo Shirts on Actual Print

I showed you a couple of designs I’ve done for Ateneo. Here’s a photo of some of the shirts I received with the designs on them c/o the Blue Crew.

Ateneo Shirt Designs by c/o the Blue Crew Life

So happy to know that there were tons of pre-orders mainly for the Championship shirt. Rooms filled! I personally saw the bunch which were out for delivery and got word that the bookstore in Ateneo’s out of stock. Man that just made me happy :D

All of these are silk screened and the gold used is glittery and foil-like. Can you identify which design is which? The designs featured are: 4Peat Championship shirt in white, blue, and black; Bacs to the Bonfire Gold Edition; and Justin Did It in white and blue.

photo c/o the Blue Crew

The Blue Crew took a couple of photos during the bonfire in the Ateneo campus. You can view more here

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