Devin Booker Brand Logo Design & Thought Process

After making a concept ice tray-based TY icicle logo design for Trae Young, I found myself wanting to make another one. This time, it’s for Devin Booker, #1 of the Phoenix Suns. This blog post details my design and thought process in coming up with an identity mark for this specific individual. You may view the Devin Booker Logo in my portfolio here.

I’m very new to the NBA, and the first time I heard of this guy was how he was being described by the commentators as somebody who wants to prove something on the All-Star line-up, after just getting in because AD fell off the list. While already given as an all-star player in the league, he still gives me an underdog feel. I like it.

After thorough searching, he apparently doesn’t have any other nicknames than just his name. Not Devin, just Book, Booker, DBook, or DBooker.

We’t like I’m Book

-Drake, “Sicko Mode”

One of the early concepts I had was to play with a literal Book, without becoming a literary logo. A book, but a basketball inclined book that denotes athleticism. Although the feat isn’t impossible, and I honestly think there’s a good logo in that train of though, for some reason, I still felt like that wasn’t the proper direction to go.

Without much at hand, just the letters D, B, the number 1, and his name, I guess I’ll go abide by the playbook of NBA player logos. Looking it up, he already has a clean curved monogram mark. This time, I plan to recreate the logo without the curves. I decided to give it a certain direction/flow to denote movement, and used more sharp edges to imply a more powerful imagery.

After playing with many directions and elements, I ended up playing with his original DB monogram, and realized I can use two D’s to create a DB monogram. This eliminates redundance of the curves. I tweaked it a bit more and ended up with two directional arrows as my base for the D, which I thought was perfect to convey action. I was able to compound the two arrows together, in a way that the two elements form all the needed characters for this brand – D, B, and 1.

The end result is a very sharp icon, which needed to be mellowed down a bit for more balance. Banking on DBook’s precision on the court, I was then able to manipulate the newly formed icon to also resemble a bow being nocked, by curving 3 points (heh) of the mark.

To further support the mark, I made a custom type just for the name by making use of polygons. The initial letter, “D,” also contains a negative space “1”.

BONUS: It resembles a snakehead with its tongue out. Unintentional, but I thought it was another acceptable interpretation of this icon, considering how many articles of DBook himself pay tribute to the Black Mamba. Be Legendary.

You can view the Devin Booker Logo Concept in my Portfolio.

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NBA Future looking bright!

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Apart from the logo itself, all media photos used for rendering images to present these logos belong to their respective owners and photographers. These were merely borrowed by looking up Devin Booker in Google Images to present an idea.

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