Dribbble is Awesome

I haven’t really thought of sharing this considering how great the site is and thought many guys would already know it. But as far as I know, as of this moment, I am the only guy in my network who’s aware of it!

Meet Dribbble. Yup! Triple “D”s (LOL).

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In a nutshell, Dribbble is like Twitter for designers. With the same concept of showing people what’s up by tweeting, designers would then post 400×300 shots (dribbbles) of what they’re up to. The shots can then be liked and shared. Designers then exchange ideas and get opinions on their work.

But being the social network for designers isn’t “it”. It’s the high quality of work you see inside.

Dribbble is an invite-only network. It’s exclusive. Only “Players” or designers who’ve already joined the network can invite or “draft” you as a “Rookie“. Quite a new set of jargon there but you’ll easily cope up.

So why the hell isn’t everybody in here? As I’ve said, the high quality art and design work is maintained. With this, a player is privileged to receive an invite and draft somebody once in a blue moon.

Nobody really has an equation as to how invites are received. Do you receive it once a month? Definitely not. Once a year? I don’t know. But I do have the hunch that there’s an algorithm behind it that somehow, chances of receiving invites to giveaway are less, like say, if you spent your last couple of invites on people who never even made shots. Or maybe chances are higher if you’re active in utilizing your shots. Just a hunch and not in any way proven.

Now the sensible action here is that designers would then only pick a good designer to put in the network, than waste on somebody who’ll end up posting a photo of his furry ol cat taking a nap.

Did I mention you only get to make 24 shots a month? They don’t accumulate. So yeah, less chances of people making a design, creating 100 other versions of it and posting it all.

If you’re a designer, Dribbble is a great way to showcase work, get opinion, get inspiration, and even get design inquiries and leads. Opportunity-wise, the platform has lead many job offers. I’ve personally been receiving invites to join teams and work for companies, mainly with the help of the “Hire Me” button available there for interested parties to easily communicate with you.

As a client looking for a creative help, this is definitely a treasure chest. Browse through a lot of designers, their works, and you can know more how to contact them if you have projects ready to be rendered service of by the designer of choice.

Looking for invites? Then stay tuned. I might give a way one or two once in a while should I manage to receive some to giveaway :)

Follow me on Dribbble . You can also follow me on Twitter @iKenDesign. I normally retweet dribbble invite giveaways from co-dribbblers :)

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