“Life Reel 2017” Year Recap

2017 was indeed a crazy hectic year and I’ve just realized it now, after going through every single video I can possibly watch. I’m a trigger happy guy, even with just my phone at hand. Luckily, this benefits me very well. After all, it’s essentially like time traveling.

My 2016 Year Recap was inspired by Sam Kolder’s “My Year” videos. That alongside Casey Neistat and Jerome Jarre, both of whom I got to meet! And so, I thought to myself – hey, I should do that too it could be fun to watch. And yes, it was. Still is. After all, it contained how I proposed to my now-wife, Bianca :)

After that, I decided to go through the task, yet again. It took a couple of months into 2017 because I was busy prepping for the wedding last December. But here it is – I present to you, my “Life Reel 2017”. If anything, never stop documenting. You’ll thank yourself later.

Life Reel 2017

Took me months! But here, I'm done. 2017 was indeed a crazy year. So many things happened. I got married, experienced new things, traveled to new places, and met a lot of new souls. After sifting through all the files for one year, watching each and every video's second, here's what I've decided to call my "LIFE REEL" for 2017. Thank you to everyone who made this year a very special year to look back in time to, especially to my dear wife, family, and friends.Follow me on Instagram @kenoshtanhttps://instagram.com/kenoshtanMusic"Only Us" by Paperwhite (Young Bombs Remix)"Symphony" by Clean Bandit ft Zara Larsson (Beau Collins remix)"Slide" by Calvin Harris ft Frank Ocean & MigosLove Armyhttps://lovearmysupply.com#lovearmysupply #dowhatyoulovewww.ken.ph#kenandbianca

Posted by Ken Osh on Saturday, April 7, 2018


Thank you to everybody who made 2017 so much more fun and awesome. Enjoy watching!

Music Used:

Only Us by Paperwhite (Young Bombs Remix)
Symphony by Clean Bandit ft Zara Larsson (Beau Collins Remix)
Slide by Calvin Harris ft Frank Ocean & Migos




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