Manila Test Print Pt2

I honestly am a newbie at silk screening which is why I’m admittedly at a trial and error phase. I did, however, manage to come at an attempt that is about 95% accurate of my original design as tested on a cardboard.

This time around, I tried seeking the assistance of a ‘veteran silk screener’ and see if my design can become accurately printed.

The results are as follows:

It must be noted that the designs were a bit altered by the silk screener mainly because it was made in 2 colors and there was some kind of miscommunication where he ended up re-doing (tracing) the whole design on corel draw. But hey, as recently commented by a lot of people, I tried it on black and I have to say it looks mighty nice on it! :)

Definitely should try perfecting the art myself. For now, a third test printing session is in order to perfect the design as originally laid out. Don’t you think so?

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