Optimize and choose the right host for your WordPress site (Chemicloud Review)

There are tons of ways to optimize your WordPress sites. You can look through so many guides online, but one post by Online Media Masters enlightened me towards finding the proper host, which mentions to avoid hosts under EIG, known to cut costs by packing too many people on the same server.

The EIG network carries very famous hosts like Hostgator, Dot5, Netfirms, and Site5. But more notable is how EIG owns Bluehost, the official host WordPress recommends. Mind-boggling, but I’m guessing WP has its reasons to endorse Bluehost. It may be that their premium plans actually work? But I’m an ordinary guy, so I’ll tackle the lowest shared hosting packages.

After doing my own research, I transferred to a host called Chemicloud, and here’s a direct comparison. This is for Love Army, and I came from Hostgator.

Full disclosure, I worked on optimizing further by minifying CSS and JS, as well as lessen HTTP requests before this screenshot. Nevertheless, the effect of what I did was minimal. It’s basically the same result the moment I transferred.

I initially noticed how I the page loads faster – less than 3 secs. More than scores and ratings that sites like Pingdom give, it’s beyond the experience of having a page load in less than 3 seconds for the side of the user, or in this case, your potential customer.

On top of that, I’ve approached Chemicloud’s customer support for a couple of things, and I can say they’re really helpful. 10/10 so far.

Be sure to read on the OMM article and try each point. Don’t forget to back up your website before doing any drastic changes – not everything is a simple click away. Try Chemicloud starting at $2.95, with a 45-day money back guarantee.

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