Poster Design for Elon Musk on SNL as “The Dogefather”

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The world of crypto has been very busy lately and whether or not you’re in it, you’ve probably heard of the multiple occasions Elon Musk talked (tweeted) about Dogecoin.

This isn’t a blog post about the crypto asset that’s basically a relative of Litecoin and Bitcoin, and it isn’t about how it started as a joke, but is actually commanding a market cap of USD41Billion with a B as of this post. That’s no joke. This is about a concept poster design for Elon Musk’s latest tweet.

Elon tweeted “The Dogefather SNL May 8,” which teases his SNL hosting, which he announced 3 days prior, also via this tweet saying “Am hosting SNL on May 8”.

Elon Musk as The Dogefather on SNL May 8

And so I thought “…hmmmm The Dogefather“. A couple of hours later, here’s a poster artwork design I did based on the original poster. I created it in Illustrator and finalized it in Photoshop. Apart from Elon and the Shiba Inu on it, you should notice a “Diamond Rose” brooch to rep the diamond hands, a crypto coin pattern on the background. I also added SpaceX’s SN10 prototype for a Mars mission, which can be seen blasting off in the shadows beyond the blinds, because really, Mars is farther than the moon.

This artwork will be minted as an NFT soon, should anybody be interested, please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, for announcements.

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