TEDx Poster for the Future

I’ve been asked to make poster for the upcoming TEDxDiliman conference which talks about the future and how it’s here for everybody to grab and mold. This year’s TED event goes: The Future. Here. Now. Seize It.

If you’re not aware what a TED event is, you’re missing out on a humongous source of ideas and inspiration. You can go to TED.com and find a topic that interests you and learn from the seasoned players in the field and what they aspire for the betterment of society.

The concept for the poster was simple – Be a USB Flash Drive. Be a flash drive that contains what may affect the world-to-be.

Let’s all be USB Flash Drives. What we contain varies from each and every individual. Some contain a means of law and order, some are made to design, some to establish our sense of communication, some simply a virus of some sort to destroy, and so on. The future of this planet relies heavily on each USB that resides in it. Every bit of the Tetris puzzle body is every bit of you and what you know. It’s totally up to you which ones you’re gonna upload onto the motherboard… or in this case, Mother Earth and its inhabitants.

This year’s TEDxDiliman will still be held at the Malcolm Theater in the University of the Philippines at September 15, 2012. For more info you can visit their Facebook Page

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