Using a Hotel’s Swimming Pool Area for a Shoot

It might be a bit of a task, but sometimes, those hotel amenity areas are just the perfect place to shoot something up. Such is the case with Ascott Makati‘s newly renovated pool area!

So here I am, 12am in Ascott Makati’s pool side, with no other guest in sight. We finished at about 3am.

Thinking about it, I could’ve never used this place if I didn’t bother asking. Thankfully, the admins of this hotel property were quite cool about having to shoot this concept video, even bothering to volunteer a couple of engineering and housekeeping personnel at my disposal… or maybe to keep watch and make sure I don’t break sh*t.

Video was shot for Love Army featuring Xernan Alfonso’s choreography to Chris Brown’s “Pills & Automobiles“. Shot made possible with Denise Uson, Din Casillan. Then of course, there’s Kevs, Goj, Bea, Reg, and Bianca.

Thank you: Mr. Philip Barnes, Ms. Joyce Agsaway, Ms. Heidi Manabat, Mr. Brey Quintong, Monrick & Chris of Houskeeping, and the rest of Ascott Makati’s housekeeping, engineering, security, and admin.

Shot with Canon 5D Mk III

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