VIDEO: We didn’t know we had Business Class tickets on United

This is a small throwback when we found ourselves bound to be left by the airplane to Manila, when we realized our tickets actually said “Business Class” on United Airlines. All thanks to our clients who silently upgraded us for our flight back. Domo!

The moment we thought about ditching our very long economy line, I knew I had to document things bit by bit and it turned into this funny short video.

Just so you know, being in business class gets benefits such as:

  • Skip the line with their exclusive check-in counter
  • Check in up to 32kg luggage (normally 23 if economy)
  • Enter the lounge for free unlimited food
  • Arrive at your gate and immediately enter
  • Get wine to settle in
  • Sleep with so much (elevated) leg room
  • Be the first group to deplane
  • Our luggages also were also first out at baggage claim

Basically, being in business class is like cheating through the airport and the flight itself. You don’t feel the stress of lines and waiting. I guess that’s what people who can casually afford this pay for.

Don’t hate us. We just enjoyed the moments of it.
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