Why Removing the Yellow Ribbon will do our Country Good

Let’s admit it, and he has to as well, that he’s been wearing that yellow ribbon around ever since the beginning of time. Aren’t you just fuckin tired of seeing it? I know I am.

The colors game became such a hit during last election and candidates started owning colors for people to wear. Obviously the Aquinos wore yellow and that’s great and all for the sake of identity. But when it comes to ruling the people of the Philippines, is it really something you’d want to do?

Coming from the mind of a designer who’s fascinated by branding and identity design, it would appear to me that the current President is doing much harm not only to himself but to the whole country by associating himself with a singular color, despite the fact that it has such roots.

As far as I know, it’s there to signify the Aquino legacy dating back to EDSA. Freedom. Probably greatness during that time. But then I wonder, does that only prove he’s got nothing more to boast about other than what his folks have done? Because that’s also what I see driving around Manila – somewhere somehow yellow flags with his parents names are there.

One could probably say it’s not his purpose. Then okay, what is? Honestly I think it’s there just to say he’s an Aquino – specifically one who owes his being from his mother who is a former President, whose presidency was a result of the death of his father, which caused the revolution to end dictatorship in the country back in the 80’s. Then what?

Because honestly if it’s simply a play of branding then we could probably also call to attention how he tries to associate himself with every single Filipino by claiming the title “PNoy” despite it being started from PGMA, despite hating her so much that he blames everything on her until now, because it was never PErap or PRamos before that.

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then I could say this is a case where Noynoy simply wants to benefit from the Page Rank his parents have to offer.

Or if you consider the celebrity effect on product endorsements. We can then analogically put it out and say Noynoy is the product endorsed by his celebrity parents. Cory and Ninoy is Freedom, Historic, Heroic, Presidential, therefore he probably is too, right? Or at least that’s how that thing works.

If anything at all, the yellow ribbon, is doing a huge disastrous mistake in dividing the country more and more each day. We have the blue, the red, the white… moreover we’ve got pinks and greens and purples and the list goes on. What this color coding only does is segregate himself, and all those who are for it, from others when in fact he should be embracing, absorbing, and standing up for all colors, metaphorically speaking.

A President’s job is to lead the country. To lead over 90M people who are within this nation. How can you lead by representing only your favored segment of people who only favor you?

Such a blunder this is that the current administration should simply stop wearing those damned yellow ribbons, if they actually mean the nation good. They’ve been overused and have taken away the essence of what they stand.

I would really appreciate a President who can, without bias as one leader should, stand for me no matter what fuckin color I wear or belong to. Wouldn’t you?

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