Wrong Ramen made it Wronger

With so much Japanese influence taking part in our choice of food in the Philippines, we can’t help but crave for their special noodle dish once in a while – the ramen. Out of all the brands of ramen in Manila, I favor one the most… well, used to.

Wrong Ramen in BGC probably my favorite stop for ramen. I used to love the wrong type of ramen. Been there since it opened, seeing my friend’s artwork hung by the stairs (Dan Matutina). But if you wrong a wrong, you’re not wrong anymore, are you? This was how I felt a couple of minutes ago as I sipped through my favorite Tantanmen by Wrong Ramen. It’s different now. From the type of broth, which looks creamier, to the pork added on top of it – from ground to diced. It just wasn’t the same. I felt sad, not to mention bloated without any sense of “sugoi oishi” delight at the end of my meal.

This is something I don’t understand, how such brands just suddenly decide to surprise its patrons with a change so drastic that changes the overall impression it was built for so long. I’m not sure which one, but I know I read it in one of Martin Lindstrom’s book – the element of surprise can either make or break a brand just like that. Maybe it’s a different supplier, maybe it’s a different chef. I don’t know. I’m just hoping the brand didn’t do it for the sake of changing suppliers and saving on ingredients. At most, they owe their customers nothing but high quality ingredients, that any real Japanese establishment would. For others, this kind of change might have changed their perspective to liking the brand more. To each his/her own. Me? I’ll probably go find a new ramen place to broth around the next time I get the cravings. Unless of course Bianca loves to go here then I’d have no choice. #happywifehappylife

Photo by Esquire Philippines

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