Ice Trae Young Logo Rebranding Concept

The 2019-20 NBA season has been postponed until further notice, but before that happened “Ice Trae” Young was able to hit the waves and set his all-time career high with 50 points against the Miami Heat.

The all-star player is already carrying a logo for himself, a thick triangular TY monogram. While that’s not bad at all, I decided to make one anyway, as a lockdown exercise, if you will, to get the juices flowing.

Trae’s current logo, “Ice Trae” customs, and signature move

I made the logo keeping in mind his already-established nickname – Ice Trae. Though not official, I’m guessing there’s a good chance he’s sticking to it, considering how he already dressed up with custom Ice Trae kicks, plus that song by Quality Control, Quavo, and Lil Yachty definitely added heat to the moniker. On top of that, he does that “shiver” action, which I think banks on the brand, adding a definitive opposite the usual “heat” or “being on fire” on the court.

With that, the final iconography contains all hidden elements and references, without compromising simplicity for recall and actual identity design that marks well with the public.

Do you think Mr. Young would love to carry this as his own?
Check out my Ice Trae Young logo concept.

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