Campaign Identity and Direction for “Ascott Unlimited”

The task was to create a key visual and identity for “Ascott Unlimited,” a play of words on the company’s actual name – The Ascott Limited. The idea is to break the borders and imply a sense of ‘unlimitedness,’ which can be implemented through different medium with consistency, that revolves around the visual concept of “gem facets,” as well as the idea of integrating the concept of what the infinity (loop) stands for – unlimited.

Given TAL’s identity, as well as their property brand imagery, my idea was to approach this with a very clean linear/geometrical identity design of a polygonal map. This gave birth to what I call “The Ascott Atlas” – an endless unfolding map, which really suits the industry TAL is in.


  • “The Ascott Atlas”
  • Unlimited: Factor
  • an endless unfolding map
  • perspective of space
  • map = travel. to Discover ASR
  • interchangeable polygons / facets
  • capable: folding transition

Furthermore, there are concepts towards how this visual will be cohesively used throughout the campaign in terms of animation, print, patterns, color usage, font preference, possible physical implementation, and overall proper guidelines towards general usage.

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