Trae Young | Logo Design

A branding exercise that plays with the creation of a logo for NBA All-Star player Trae Young, who currently (as of this writing) plays as Point Guard for the Atlanta Hawks.

The concept runs on creating a fused monogram-icon approach to create a logo that represents Trae Young. I created this keeping in mind how he is already keeping a “TY” triangular monogram, as well as how he is nicknamed “Ice Trae” on the court, playing with the idea of being a cold-blooded killer in the game. To add to that effect, he evidently does a “shiver” action on his killer combos, plus he’s already fashioned an “Ice Trae” outfit at some point in his career, even carrying an icebox for comic effect.

All the concepts at hand resulted into a simple and solid “TY” monogram, which reflects the player’s “icey” persona.

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