The Creative Nation: Design Para Sa Lahat

I was fortunate to join up on the 6th Graphika Manila which was held just recently in SMX.

Creatives of at least 3000 gathered up to hear the talks presented by the likes of Nico and Katwo Puertollano the dynamic duo (couple) of 27+20, Dan Matutina aka Twisted Fork, the creative mind of Cebu that is Seph Mayol, PJ Anderson of Laundry, Mike Friolo who designed the Pacquiao logo and crest, and Kevin Andrew Smith of Weta Digital who shared the backstage of Avatar.

Monkey Mike! :(|)
Dan surrounded by girls

It was definitely inspiring and very much motivating seeing these people share their knowledge and experience. But at the end of the event (almost), what’s even greater is an advocay towards the creative industry that is being propelled by our own pride.

Speakers Arriane, Brian Tenorio and Jowee Alviar went on to take the stage and break the news of a Senate bill being passed. The movement is called #DesignParaSaLahat, which translates to ‘#DesignForEveryone’. This basically aims to create the Design Council of the Philippines and uplift the nation’s design and creative industry in hopes to make the Philippines stand as an authority and creative capital globally – become the Creative Nation of the world if you will.


Creativity is innate in Filipino blood, people abroad can’t deny that fact themselves. We’ve got so much talent in different fields of art and design and we can compete in the international scene – do you agree? But the sad part of it is, creatives are undervalued in this homeland and we need to change that. Reality bites and we need to bite back with our rich culture.

I make Dan look tall ;p

Are you with us? Make a stand and support the creative industry of the Philippines.

Wouldn’t you like the idea that as a creative, you are identified with a positive notion that you are A Creative from the Philippines? (Filipino designer/artist!? OMGWTFBBQ) LOL. You get what I mean, yeah?


Use the hashtag #designparasalahat on Twitter
Like Design Para sa Lahat on FB
Create a Blog Post for it just like this one
Carry the Filipino Pride as a Creative

Props to the creatives who spearheaded this movement. If there’s anything I could ever do to help out even further, let me know.

Made this based on the actual logo so use as you will to support the movement. The official logo can be found here.

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