Heroes with a Big Bang

I LOVE the Big Bang Theory! All these nerdy complications and experiences are pretty much relatable one way or another.

My latest trip with Bianca to Hong Kong meant not much of English channels the moment we settle in our accommodation ready to rest and doze off. Lucky enough, the internet is pretty much equipped and we practically made it through two (2) seasons in our downtime.

Back in Manila, I decided to meld the BBT Characters with their hero counterparts. All based on that one episode where they figured they all went in as The Flash, then decided to go each their own way, with Sheldon as the Flash, Howard as Batman, Leonard as the Green Lantern, and finally Raj as the ever-so-loved Indian Aquaman.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon as the Flash
Sheldon as “Bazinga” (The Flash)

Big Bang Theory Howard as Batman
Howard as “Astro Plumberman” (Batman)
Big Bang Theory Leonard as Green Lantern
Leonard as “The Defriendzoner” (The Green Lantern)
Big Bang Theory Raj as Indian Aquaman
Raj as “The Indian Aquaman” (Aquaman)


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