I just discovered Rory Kramer

So I’ve been busy recently editing a personal travel video and realized the original music video of the soundtrack I was using is actually a travel video.

Stunned. It was an awesome travel video, it made me rethink if I should even bother with mine. But I love the song and I’m in the zone and decided – Roses by The Chainsmokers will be the soundtrack despite the awesomeness done by Rory Kramer.

Rory Kramer came into focus because of the OBB “A Rory Kramer Vision”. It was after that when I realized he seemed familiar. I looked back and figured he was the same guy in Avicii’s “The Nights”. And apparently he made Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You”.

I wondered who the f*ck is this guy he seems to be living it and making such great videos with a natural feel like nothing’s scripted?

Contrary to ‘oh he made connections and that’s why he succeeded,’ he describes his journey as not so ideal. He made videos for 15 years because it was simply something he loved doing. For that long, he did videos without much comeback nor recognition. If you look at his Youtube videos, it’s mostly personal work. He worked on a regular job for many years and did things he didn’t like at all until he decided to quit, start fresh, and bungee jump into rebirth.

It was his affiliation and video work with 3LAU that he got noticed by other people in the same industry. Eventually by Krewella, The Chainsmokers, and Justin Bieber to name a few. Now he’s one of the most sought after visual artists when it comes to video composition.

Aside from doing videos, he runs his own clothing company called Sapsimmeyun, which is defined as the struggle in one’s life and how they overcome that struggle to become the person they are suppose to be.

From here, let me just leave a couple of links and I hope you get inspired by this guy as I have been. After all, that’s what he lives for. To live life, be inspired, and inspire. Now RUNIT.

How to Go Pro Doing What You Love by Mark Shapiro (original post)

Done watching? Here’s something else – our travel video edited by yours truly :)


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