South of Manila

… is where I’m from!

*** Update: Test Printed

If you’re in Manila, you might have noticed that people refer to going either North or South of Manila. North around Quezon City and South around Parañaque City. It’s kind of like East Coast and West Coast only for a locality.

It’s a lot more common to say those two directions than the other two (East and West), and it’s mainly because of the main highway connecting North and South together – EDSA.

Now you know what the “NOMA” in Trinoma stands for yes?

In line with that thought of Manila Culture, I brought this design to life.

It has been up my thoughts for quite some time now and I’ve only left a couple of sketches in my black book just to remind me that I should do this. Finally, I have!

The illustration is mainly of crest style and was done in vector in Adobe Illustrator. It can either be silk-screened in one go or in two wherein it would consist of one color but two different shades (one darker) to give a bit of level.

Thinking of printing this shirt up but I’d like to hear back from you guys if you’d fancy wearing this and represent.

Would you wear it?

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