My DJI Mavic Pro is Broken

After flying it in Bali Indonesia last October 2017, I decided to use my DJI Mavic Pro in a shoot today here in Manila. Unfortunately, the gimbal just won’t stop initiating, repetitively glitching up and down.

Connecting it to the RC, the app says “Gimbal Motor Overload”. There’s no way of me fixing this. All the articles and videos online somewhat say left or right – either to tinker with the insides, or have DJI support handle the case. Seems like a persistent problem among all units.

I purchased this just this August 2017 during my stay in Vegas via Amazon, so I kind of feel sad having to face this problem less than a year into owning it. I still have my Phantom 3 and it’s still alive and well considering Phantom 3 units aren’t even something to buy anymore nowadays.

Anyway, I initially contacted the seller, and thankfully, they are a certified DJI distributor, which means I am covered by warranty. I emailed DJI support and they requested to have it sent back. I hope my unit won’t be too much of a problem in terms of being repaired.

In other news, DJI just released a DJI Mavic Platinum last December 2017, and just today, released a DJI Mavic Air. I don’t know what to think anymore. But for now, no drone shots from me.

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