Lyceum’s Legal Studies Organization

My friend, Justine, is studying at the Lyceum of the Philippines, taking up Legal Studies, which apparently holds an organization under the same name. While it already has an existing logo, he’s pushing for an improved logo which can attract more interest, and still retain the values.

The Old Legal Studies Logo

And upon further contact, what they wanted was a logo which can ideally hold the following elements:

– the iconic Lyceum Tower
– an opened Law Book
– Lady Justice & the Scale
– Bayleaf
– “Vox Populi Vox Dei

Now tough as it may seem, as a designer, my objective was put in all their thoughts and wants without sacrificing aesthetics. One would think a poster is an outcome of this kind of demand. Nevertheless, a logo as such is what I came up with.

Explanation is as such:

A. Tower of Lyceum
B. The center fold of the law book
C. Bayleaf
D. A negative scale
E. Pages and a sign of heirarchy
F. 1952 / MCMLII – Lyceum’s origin
G. Bold and Strong Name
H. Vox Populi Vox Dei
I. Pointed tip of the sword (the scale’s base being the handle)
J. Bayleaf base

So yeah, I managed to put 10 elements in it without looking too over-complicated and cluttered. While I did not include Lady Justice herself, I included her scale and sword in it. I found it a bit better without her in it.

Overall, the logo appears pretty solid. It carries a serious feel, it being a Legal Studies Organization, and at the same time, looks pretty cool and inviting.

Anyway, here’s a colored rendering of it, as suggested.

Hope that inspires you guys!

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