How Kobe’s death affected me, even if I’m not an NBA fan.

First off, I am an NBA noob. I hardly know which player belongs to which team, and, but everybody knows who Kobe is, including me.

Kobe just passed away, alongside his daughter Gigi, and 7 others in a helicopter crash. I’m not here to talk about his accomplishments, more on dwell on the fragility of our lives.

Imagine being able to see a person’s timeline like a measuring tape, and see Kobe’s. Having worked hard since his NBA draft in 1996, and account unto that the years prior to being drafted. Fast forward onto all his failures, breaking bones, and seeing how he works hard into his career until he retires in 2016. Now imagine after 2016, it’s only 3 years worth of tape left. If you were Kobe and you knew, how would you feel?

Given the choice, I’m sure he would have loved to spend more time to grow further as he gives back to the community. Life seems pointless if you look at how he was taken. It’s like all that work wasted. And to top it all off, Gigi was taken with him. I feel like if she were alive, she could have been the living representation of his father in basketball at least. His spirit could easily manifest through her. But now, Kobe’s just gone.

I honestly feel sad thinking about life’s randomness. Everything could be taken away. Gone in an instant, however hard you’ve worked. But despite all this life RNG, I guess it boils down to dedicating your mortality into something absolutely worth it. Something that makes you happy and fulfilled. Because if you knew your own measuring tape, what would you do?

I hope during some point in that retirement, he was able to say it was a life well-lived.

How are you spend this limited time?
Wishing you happiness.

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