How to Cancel Globe Internet Plan’s Unli BB Add-on

If you’re paying for your internet plan and suddenly get an additional 99 pesos, you can easily check your bill online and find there’s some weird Unli BB charge on top of the usual.

Not sure why it’s called as such (possibly a lazy job still undone), considering BB would normally refer to Blackberry, but what this is is Globe’s Unlimited calls to Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) numbers from your landline. What you should know is that the unlimited calls to Globe/TM is FREE for the first 24 months (2years) of your internet plan.

To cancel this, you should go to This URL was received by me from GLOBE via SMS, which leads to a “Google Forms”-like form, easy to fill in with the basic details necessary. Unfortunately, I received it almost 2 billing periods AFTER the first time I realized the additional P99.

Why did I let it charge me for 2 months? It’s the pandemic season. And everything you need to fix with Globe, you basically need to go to their customer service booths personally to be able to schedule a fix. The Globe stations are only until 5PM. It sucked when I arrived at 5:05, and nope, they can’t do it for me and I have to try visiting again the next day. Noice. That or try your means talking to their Twitter bot.

Obviously the ‘bill shock’ sucks and if Globe really cared, the reminder and opt out should’ve come to me ideally one or two months before the 24-month mark. But there you have it. I hope you cancel it before you get charged like me. Imagine with just 10,000 bill shocked customers, that’s almost a millie ezpz.

FYI, I received successful ‘unsubscription’ notification 17 days after I filled out that form. Also, if you cancel the Unli BB add-on, you only cancel the FREE calls – you’re not cancelling the landline number and function you currently already have.

Remember, you can pay your Globe Internet plans over GCash.

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