3 laptops of 2020 I prefer for design and gaming

One of the most important tools I have as a designer is the “computer” I use to do all my magic art and magic. It’s probably one of the things I should be critical about because it supports efficiency and capability. But with all the craze about creating flashy RGB desktop rigs now, should you still consider going with a laptop?

Short answer: YES.
As for my opinion, the key takeaways are:

The main advantage of laptops is how you can be in one place today and even be in another country the next day, with no compromise on working on your down time. I’ve experienced having been crippled because I need to be on a trip, and simply can’t do any work because my rig was grounded at home. The optimal choice in this case with be a 15.6″ laptop simply because it’s easier to bring around. The smaller ones seem to lack display effectivity, while the bigger units are pretty hard to fit in the everyday backpack.

While notebook GPUs are relatively “less powerful” than their desktop counterparts, they still get the job done. I’ve been creating everything I need on my laptop. And yes, I’ve been gaming on it too – easily. Yes, there is definitely a lot of wiggle room for that extra processing power. But then you’d have to think about going too high end, if it’s an actual need or just something you need to have for you to tell your friends?

One main concern is how to upgrade your unit in the future. Rather than worry about all the upgrades you need to make, I always decide to go with a laptop than can weather and work with me through years to come. This could mean getting the latest and spending more, but really, if you consider it as an essential tool, it should pay off easily and prove its worth. In that span of maybe 3 to 5 years, regardless of whether you bought a desktop or laptop, you’re probably due to an upgrade already anyway.

With these thoughts at hand, here are three (3) laptops I’m eyeing so far in 2020, which you, as a designer, could possibly consider. All links are affiliate links in Amazon, thank you!

Zephyrus – Helios 300 – Strix Scar II
  1. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S
  2. Acer Predator Helios 300
  3. ASUS ROG Strix Scar II

The main factor I’m going for is familiarity. ASUS is my brand of choice, hence 2 of them are as such. Then again, Predator seems promising, which is why, I’m placing it 2nd. All choices make sure there’s good display, a well updated processor, a strong GPU, and an abundance of RAM.

These picks are my choices, being somebody who is capable of investing into a device that could help me through my progress as a designer and artist, with consideration of all the available and latest pieces in the market – all of which meet the important criteria and factors mentioned above. This means I’m considering the ROI it could bring, and not simply because it’s the latest strong rig.

Remember: even if you go for a cheaper, more dated, and relatively “weaker” laptop, it won’t hinder your capability to create greatness. At this point in time where the RTX3080 just released, I currently use an ASUS ROG which houses a GTX1060 back when it first released. Always think of your laptop as a tool to help you advance further. As such, don’t hold back on investing a relatively fair and available budget to empower yourself, and to bring better results to your clientele.

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