What is a Life Reel, and why I make one annually

We all live in a time blessed with the numerous possibilities to capture a moment. You have a phone, and chances are you can scroll back and smile at a photo or video you took weeks ago. A life reel is basically a way to highlight and compile all of those memories in one video.

I started making travel videos in 2015, compiling my first ever trip to America, and a trip we shared with our best friends in Japan. But in 2016, something changed. I discovered Sam Kolder and his “MY YEAR” for 2015, and this inspired me to create a “MY YEAR” of my own… only call it a “LIFE REEL” instead.

You have a phone. If you open your gallery right now, you could maybe do 5 full scrolls and laugh at something there. But did you even remember you had that in there? We create so much media nowadays, it’s barely a memory to even consider second-looking at, because of the thousands of selfies you’ve made yesterday, and the hundreds of IG-worthy food shots of your lunch. The funny thing is, you probably didn’t even post any of those because in the end, it felt imperfect after 30 minutes of figuring out what caption to put. What a waste.

More than just a highlight of the Instagram worthy and sometimes borderline-luxury things in life we get (relative to others), I would like to think that I make my life reel to relive fun and funny moments of that year with friends. More than a showcase of traveling, it’s basically a trip down memory lane. It’s important to note that other than the cinematic take I put in this, there are a lot of personal moments, which mean more to those who know it, than those who simply stumbled upon my video, and not know me entirely. It’s my very own personal time machine.

I invite you to create a life reel of your own. Go back. I should warn you though, it takes a lot of hard work to look through all the media you’ve created in a year. But I tell you it’s worth it. You get this tingly feeling inside, which others might consider calling ‘happiness’.

After all, in the end, when we’re all old and gooey, don’t you think it’d be fun to see the highlights of all the years you’ve lived? You can’t do that if you just had a bunch of hard disks with all your photos and videos in there.

Are you going to make a life reel? Watch my 2018 Life Reel below.

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