Creative Indoor Maternity Shoot

You’re pregnant and you’d love to be captured in some mythical shoot with your baby still inside your tummy. But realistically, you’re physically incapable of doing too much adventure time in this phase. What to do? An indoor shoot!

Some might think an indoor maternity shoot is too basic, too constricting, or downright just too simple. I say it really depends on how you’d like it to be. But really, at this stage in life of an expecting mother, her safety and comfort should be very well considered more than something for the sake of the gram.

A route to take is the au naturale indoor shoot. On your bed, by the curtain, use shadows. But one of my best friends thought if it was even possible to do a wanderlust approach – mythical and magical even. So, in comes imagination and some Photoshop tinkering, which can teleport your model into another place.

We set a day to shoot in the house, their backyard being the farthest we’ve come – literally just outside their kitchen door. Here are the before and after results.

The Bellagio Fountain
Did I mention the couple resided in Las Vegas? And they’re relatively new to the community being less than two (2) years when they moved in. So I thought an iconic Bellagio shot fits them well.

And what better way to say you’re in Nevada than be in a desert? Only you don’t look parched. Rather, you look glamorous with the sun in your face and your cape flying about.

Yet another concept desert composition featuring an oasis this time.

One of the natural shots we made. We used a lot of lights, both hanging and Christmas lights to enhance the feel. Not much editing, more on color grading and mood.

Not really something I shared with them but look at the possibilities of editing. Personally I would’ve liked to make this cotton candy but I didn’t have the time after making this one.

Mythical Swing
This was an idea by Lizette herself. If she had an ideal maternity shot, this was it. And so I asked her to pose in the backyard with Jayson and directed to make them imagine the scene.

And so there you go! Let your imagination stir. There might be hindrances physically being at the prime of your pregnancy, but know that there really isn’t a limitation of what your photo could become. It’s really up to you.


  • Shoot in daylight, unless you’re actually doing the same photoshoot like the Backyard one.
  • If you’re shooting outdoor, like in your backyard, shoot at a time where the sun isn’t harsh such as 4pm onwards.
  • A reflector can do you good, but if you don’t have one, have somebody hold that white bed sheet or your car’s sun visor.
  • To lessen fatigue for your preggy model, use the A/C, or have a fan pointed at her.
  • Take breaks, and have fun!

NOTE: The background photos aren’t mine, and were only found online, created by their respective photographers. This is not a commercial project, nor was it paid in any form. I used said photos for this personal experiment. If you plan on doing or acquiring this kind of service, use of stock photos might require you to pay a certain fee.

Finally, never be pressured into doing a ‘fancy maternity photoshoot’. Even a simple reel of photos of you having fun with your loved ones, whether at home or out of town, is good enough. Whatever your shoot outcome may be, the important thing about these photos is the memory instilled in them filled with love over the baby you’re having :)

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