Devin Booker | Logo Design

Branding design concept created for NBA All-Star Devin Booker, who, as of this writing, plays for the Phoenix Suns.

After trying to figure out what Devin Booker’s nickname is, there apparently is none but his name as Book, Booker, or DBooker. With nothing more at hand, the task was to make the most with his DB initials, and his jersey number one (1) to make a logo which could represent his athleticism, speed, and precision as a killer on the court.

The outcome is a play on two (2) arrows, compounded to make the “D” “B” and “1” all come together as one clean symbol. Further enhancing the mark, I’ve rounded edges to convey an image of a bow getting nocked. What we have is a dominantly “1” icon with “DB” in it.

The main typography was made using blocks and 45 degree angles, to make an even and uniform set of letters to form “DBOOKER,” with “D” having a negative space to make room for his jersey number.

“Wet like I’m Book” – Drake, Sicko Mode

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