8 Local Actresses Without Teeth

This viral post from Buzzfeed featured a lot of Hollywood actresses without teeth! So, given that I had some free time, I decided to use it to be productive and create something useless!

Picked a couple of our beautiful local celebrities and now I am giving you guys a chance to see them have visual flaws, even just at this. And well, here’s what happened:

Angel Locsin without teeth

Anne Curtis Smith without teeth

Georgina Wilson without teeth

Heart Evanglista without teeth

Kim Chiu without teeth

Liz Uy without teeth

Marian Rivera without teeth

Solenn Heussaff without teeth

BONUS: Since I listen to Magic 89.9 a lot, here’s the female DJs of the station.

Magic DJs without Teeth

Each was done under 5 minutes – it’s that easy. Making your own versions isn’t as hard. You can try  it yourselves using 3 easy ways via Photoshop.



  1. Simply blacken out all the inner part showing your teeth and tongue. You can use the pen tool, brush, or the lasso then fill it in. It’s simple but it still gives that impression and you’ll get an idea how you look without teeth.Remove Teeth Tutorial - Option 1
  2. Use the clone stamp to clone and extend the tongue and add more black to replace the teethRemove Teeth Tutorial - Option 2
  3. Use another mouth. Some portraits have the subject with closed-teeth-smiles, which is why, if you don’t want to settle for option#1, you need a photo to add some tongue and have full lower set of teethRemove Teeth Tutorial - Option 3 Step 1 Remove Teeth Tutorial - Option 3 Step 2 Remove Teeth Tutorial - Option 3 Step 3 Remove Teeth Tutorial - Option 3 Step 4 Remove Teeth Tutorial - Option 3 Finish

Additional Tips:

* Use laughing photos
* It doesn’t have to be too neat
* You can leave some teeth behind just make it crooked

I Can't Fap to This Meme

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