Blank Error After Updating WordPress

I had this trouble wherein after I updated WordPress to its latest version (in this case, WordPress 3.1.4 to WordPress 3.2), I am left with a blank page. Everything from front end to back end displays in blank.

As far as my research goes, this is caused by plugins which weren’t up to date and clashed with the upgrade WP received.

To fix this up, you simply need to deactivate your plugins from PHPMyAdmin.

To do this, access PHPMyAdmin – if you use cPanel, simply access cPanel and click PHPMyAdmin under Databases.

Next, click on your database and find wp_options. Find active_plugins and edit it.

You’ll see a code that goes something like:


It can go as long as it takes depending on how many active plugins you had. Anyway, the aim is to simply delete it all and just leave it at


From here, you should be able to access your Dashboard and activate plugins again from there.

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