The City of Smiles, Bacolod City

I previously blogged about my Threadless Design Challenge Work in Progress. Friends went on ahead to guess via PMs and Tweets and most of em got it correct.

It’s Bacolod City – the City of Smiles!

Bacolod City of the Philippines is known as “The City of Smiles” for having a mardigra-esque festival known as the MassKara Festival.

Bacolod celebrates three colorful weeks of October with lots of merry making, beer drinking, food tripping, dining, and street dancing. By the end of the third week, normally near the 19th, the biggest party in Bacolod and perhaps the happiest party in the Philippines is set to take place.

During the festival, everybody shows off and wear smiling masks to portray a sign of happiness despite the tough times.

Don’t you just love being happy? Then :)

Anyway, Threadless has finally approved my design and is up for scoring only by a limited time – 6 days from this post. Check out the design and variations I’ve done.

Bacolod City, The City of Smiles!

I’ve laid out the design on three shirt colors although it’s made to look good on any background despite the festive colors.

Help me out and share some love.

Redirect yourselves to and rate that design up (might require sign up to vote, which is easy)!

Share this page as well to spread the word. The Masskara Festival’s coming up and it’ll do good on Bacolod’s part if this design succeeds :)

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