How I Fixed my DJI Drone thru Warranty

Just a few weeks ago I was problematic of how my DJI Mavic Pro just suddenly opted not to work after months of hibernation. It was at a music video shoot I was doing when I whipped it out and it just decided to go “NOPE” on me big time.

Having had an exchange with the seller and DJI Support, I was advised to send it back to DJI USA to be assessed and fixed under the warranty, primarily because it’s where I bought it. It’s important to note that I, apparently, bought the drone from an authorized/certified DJI distributor, which automatically grants a one (1) year warranty. So make sure you buy from an official distributor! I bought mine here.

The process was simple. I made a case online via DJI Repair Portal and they sent me a UPS label to print out. This will then be the label used to be able to send it back without any fee – you just have to have it dropped off at a UPS office, which wasn’t a problem thanks to Jayson.

About 2 days after dropping it off, I received an automatic response from DJI support claiming the unit has been received. From here on it is an estimated 2 weeks to clear the unit of any problems. Below is the progress report from DJI Support, which can be monitored online once you have a case number at hand.

THAT SAME DAY, I received notification that the unit has been assessed and that I should receive a quotation within 2-3 business days.

THAT SAME DAY, I received the assessment and the confirmation that it will be repaired under warranty.

THE NEXT DAY, I received confirmation that the unit has been repaired, checked, and quality inspected. I was then informed I’ll receive tracking and confirmation of shipping within 2-3 business days.

ONE HOUR LATER, I received my UPS tracking.

I can’t be more happy knowing how speedy the process was. Now all I have to figure out is how to send this unit back to my PH address!

Thank you DJI! Happy customer here!
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