Take a Break and Refill that Creativity Gauge

Once in a while, you’re bound to hit that creativity block – that brick wall which hinders you from doing anything else productive in this line of work.

Take a break.

I took mine just a couple weeks ago in the world-renowned shores of Boracay.

One of the perks of being a graphic designer is being able to work anywhere as long as you’re with a capable device and a decent internet connection.

Lucky for me, my accommodation was more than at par – thanks, Shore Time Hotel! I totally recommend those guys. Location, service, rates, comfort, connectivity, and their lovely orthopedic beds. Visit and book with them!

Now while it may seem irresistible to go online and do some work, take the time off. Do things you can’t possibly experience simply by staring at your beloved screens at home or in the office. Believe me, you just need some recharging.

As for Boracay, here are a couple things you can do:

Kite Boarding
Skim Boarding
Ride to the Highest Peak of the Island
Enjoy a 360 view of Boracay
Sunset Dinner by Obama Grill (10% off if you’re booked in STH)

Sometimes, you just have to go out there and see more to be inspired and come up with the proper ideas and fitting concepts.

Try Photography

And hey, if you’ve been itching to try some photography or video making, maybe this might be a good chance!

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